Hey guys!

Thanks for following Echonauts. If you reading this, you do.

We're lucky enough to get a bunch of let’s players after the release. What a weird thing we made! 

Watching all these people suffer, we decided to release a small update. Sooo…

• We remapped the controls to be understandable for a human being. See the picture above.

• We left only two sound waves: find objects using red wave and activate them with a blue wave

• We added more hints and simplified existing ones

• We added more sound effects

These changes don’t make the game less weird, but we hope it’s slightly more accessible now. Have a nice weekend!


Echonauts-Win32.zip 22 MB
Nov 09, 2017
Echonauts-WebGL.zip Play in browser
Nov 09, 2017
Echonauts_Mac_x64.app.zip 27 MB
Nov 09, 2017

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